Forgotten Project by Lucy


Behind this wall hides the old Roma football training grounds 'Campo Testaccio'. Now abandoned the grounds resemble a forest, the stadium lights remain off and no one enters. It had been promised to be restored as a communal stadium but work was halted prematurely and has since been forgotten.

Forgotten Project aim to draw attention back to vital community spaces in central Rome that have been neglected, over shadowed by the tourist attractions. 

At Campo Testaccio together we painted the 40m length of the exterior wall. Thank you to everyone involved in the project and to all the locals who stopped to show and share their support. You can read more behind the scenes on the Blocal blog.

And if you're in Rome go see all their mural projects, it makes for an alternative way to see this incredible city without selfie sticks ruining your view.

To help support this project further all artists involved have released prints available on the F.P's online shop

Campo Testaccio was the stadium for A.S. Roma.

Campo Testaccio was the stadium for A.S. Roma.

Fisher & Ludlow by Lucy

Found wood built up around the area, discarded plastic accumulating into it's very own trash vortex on Lower Essex Street.

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Non Toxic Revolution




Thanks to Eye Candy for attacking the streets of Birmingham this weekend.

Thanks also for the wise and wonderful company from fellow artist Idie (sorry if I spelt your name wrong, let me know) who I often see cycling around town on his one wheeled BMX.

And Joe (Calzaghe - not the Welsh heavyweight but a Brummie heavyweight )

who made me realise there is one use after all for the plastic bottles drifting around the streets - he can use one to fill up and get a drink of water.

And finally thank you Newso for giving me a helping hand.