found debris

Phytology by Lucy

A while back I was commissioned by Michael Smythe to create an installation that would accommodate various wildlife in The Phytology site. This hidden urban garden already houses bats, birds, foxes...a medicinal garden, a visiting herbalists, artists in residence and possibly the only worthwhile billboard in the whole of London that reaches across the estate over to the distant glass towers of the City.

Their gates opened last week for the season and on Resonance FM a beautiful program by Lucia Scazzocchio documenting the site was aired,

Clear Spot 26/05/16:

"The Phytology Hour features interviews with and original sound artworks by Michael Smythe, Gabby Boraston, Lucy Cash, Lucy McLauchlan, Lucía Montero, David Nash, James Nixon, Duncan Robertson, Stick In The Wheel, Sam Wallman & Sarah Westcott. Launched in Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in 2014, Phytology is a Nomad Projects commission, part physic garden; part cultural institute; part urban wilderness; and a platform for collaboration across the arts, humanities and sciences. The programme was produced by Lucia Scazzocchio."

(thank you to Andrew Wong for the photo)

For my installation 'Places to Dwell that May Never Have Been Seen'

I spent some time collecting discarded objects otherwise destined for land fill to create location-responsive installations situated throughout the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve woodland. These sculptural works were considered so they could work as habitats for the local wildlife. Be that upturned bottles, inside the skulls, beneath the totem pole and between the computer components.

 The installation will be open to the public from May 7th till September 3rd, 2016.

Project M Museum by Lucy

A new museum will be opening in Berlin -  'Project M'

On Saturday I, along with other artists were invited to create installations to sit in the windows of the currently empty building, whilst the museum is in it's early stages of being built.

I went for a walk around the city, found my bearings and armfuls of abandoned cardboard boxes for the people trapped captive in the window.





'Trapped Captive' acrylic and emulsion on found cardboard, 325 x 325 cm.

Thanks to Matthew Watkins for the photos and all at Project M. Bayreutherstr. 3, Berlin 10787.

Fisher & Ludlow by Lucy

Found wood built up around the area, discarded plastic accumulating into it's very own trash vortex on Lower Essex Street.

Some further reading...


Non Toxic Revolution




Thanks to Eye Candy for attacking the streets of Birmingham this weekend.

Thanks also for the wise and wonderful company from fellow artist Idie (sorry if I spelt your name wrong, let me know) who I often see cycling around town on his one wheeled BMX.

And Joe (Calzaghe - not the Welsh heavyweight but a Brummie heavyweight )

who made me realise there is one use after all for the plastic bottles drifting around the streets - he can use one to fill up and get a drink of water.

And finally thank you Newso for giving me a helping hand.