Z Project

Z Project, Detroit by Lucy

"Library Street Collective, a gallery in downtown Detroit curated 22 new works, mostly 130 feet by 14 feet, by 27 luminaries from nearly a dozen countries.

Individually, the works by artists such as Saner, How and Nosm, Pose and Revok are feats of urban narrative. Collectively, they make for one of the most impressive single-site collections of murals anywhere."

(Wall Street Journal March 2014)








"Underlying Forces" 130 feet by 14 feet.

Floor 2 at the Z Project, 1234 Library St, Detroit.

Myself and Matt Watkins spent ten days in Detroit, in freezing temperatures (so cold the paint and brushes froze instantly) painting 2  large murals.

Amongst 26 other artists from across the world in a 10-story parking garage which opens to the public from the 30th Dec.

Full line up and review at WideWalls

Thanks to Sal Rodriguez for the photos below and Matthew Watkins for the photographs above

and to all at the Library Street Collective.