See us looking back at you... by Lucy

Metal Faced Wall

My solo show at Rugby Art Gallery & Museum finishes next week, if you haven't been able to get down I'll be putting more pictures up's part of the installation using old metal plates of all sizes, 5'' to 35''... thanks to Lee at BDG Manufacturing in Birmingham for passing them on to me instead of scrapping them.

The Jewellery Quarter plays a large part in Birmingham's industrial history, these metal plates made there are old & dusty, found hidden amongst huge machinery 100 years old. Covered in intricate pattern detail they were moulded for lids, trays and plates.                                                            Created by us, they would easily outlive us.

Solo show opening soon... by Lucy

Am just finishing installing my show at Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, opens next week, running for 2 months... see info below

All Of Us Lucy McLauchlan - All Of Us Rugby Art Gallery and Museum 8th September - 1st November

Armed with a paintbrush, Lucy McLauchlan spontaneously covers almost any surface with her unique style of mark making, creating organic and character-driven images.

This exhibition addresses the throwaway society, exploring through a series of installations and wall drawings how contemporary society creates, consumes and disregards.

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum Little Elborow Street Rugby CV21 3BZ

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