Bien Urbain

'Coexist' in Besançon by Lucy




I spent a week following the movement and flow of people in and around the river and buildings in Besançon.

Painting up stair ways at the foot of UNESCO site Fort Griffon, wrapping around electricity houses further up town and mimicking the roundabouts on a site of change. This large painting was on the side of a block of flats where Pakistani family Kamran and Momna lived who cooked me a much needed dinner. Thank you for that. On the opposite side was an old people's home, student accommodation and a building site - soon to house immigrants. All of these corners with the roundabout in the middle and now this painting - the people spinning round and round together, paths crossing, all helping each other in their peaceful coexistence.

Thanks to David and all at Bien Urbain for the time spent in Besançon.