The Azores by Lucy

Recent walks around the island led me not only to volcanic hot springs and an abadoned hotel in the middle of what appeared to be Jurassic Park, but to the ocean.

There's not much chance of avoiding it really.

Here I found this row of houses perched on the edge of the beach.

Firstly Bernado's house, dropping down to the sea - what a place for a 10 year old to grow up, fog and waves crashing instead of smog and cars crashing.











Further along I was painting when we met Luis who popped over his balcony dropping us down cold drinks.

Once finished it was dark, the moon was reflected in the ocean and Luis invited us covered in paint and sand to join his romantic balcony dinner, then there we were.



A new day, a new walk to Maira's house with her helpful brrom cupboard allowing futher reach with mop and broom attachments

and the steps up to the roof via bucket to sink to window ledge to neighbour's wall to a haul and a heave up and over.






Thanks to all at Walk & Talk Festival and of course to Bernado, Maria and Luis.