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'Stadio Superficie No.1’ by Lucy


This is the local stadium in Grottaglie, Southern Italy. A past surface I've painted murals on that have since faded away. During my last visit I wrapped sections in paper, to take a more permanent record to print with.

A video below shows the whole process printing in Puglia with Studio Cromie.

'Stadio Superficie No.1’
New collection of mono-prints out now
each print unique, 1/1
70 x 100 cm
neon inks on heavy weight paper.

Available to buy from Studio Cromie

Mono-Print Diptych Release by Lucy


A new collection of mono-prints are to be released this week in the online shop with a pop-up show opening Thursday 14th Feb at The Framers Birmingham. These screen-prints are just a short run, each unique and come as a pair.

Mono-Print Diptych Release:

30 x 40cm mounted, signed and numbered

Individual prints 12 x 17cm, stamped and dated on the reverse

4 colour, hand-pulled screen print

on acid free 270gsm paper


(Head to the shop now)

As with all of Lucy’s screen-prints these too are hand-pulled, allowing Lucy to spontaneously position each layer and colour choice to produce an intuitively driven collection reflecting her mural painting process.

This technical experimentation combines multiple layers utilising mat inks against gloss inks, with fluorescent reds and metallic coppers creating a more textural set of mono-prints.

Human Flow by Lucy

Thank you everyone who came down last night and showed support at the Stirchley Community Market.  We raised a fair amount but shall now put the prints in the online shop and continue collecting for the Help Refugees and the Human Flow fund.



I watched Ai Weiwei's film 'Human Flow' the night before I was selling at the market. I couldn't comfortably sell without contributing something to this ongoing situation in the world. I decided to sell off my linocut's I made earlier in this year* and donate all profits. It's a small step but a start.

*At the beginning of the year I made a series of linocuts 'There Are Voices To Be Heard', based on drawings responding to the daily reports of the refugee crisis. Since then Brexit seems to have muffled over much of those reports. But with 65.6 million people forcibly displaced this is still a massive and vast issue. 


NEW screen-print by Lucy

It's been a while since I last made my own screen prints, however last week I released two new prints at the Marrakech Biennale.

They are currently on display at Place des Épices, Marrakech and are now available, email: lucy at beat13 co uk

Hand printed in Birmingham by Mission Print.


'Warley Woods (female)' 44 x 51.5 cm, 3 colour including (professionally hand matched metallic copper ink to real copper leaf)

On 100% recycled acid-free 300gsm paper. Edition of 30. 2016


'Warley Woods (male)'  44 x 54 cm, 3 colour including (professionally hand matched metallic copper ink to real copper leaf)

On 100% recycled acid-free 300gsm paper. Edition of 30. 2016


Fluorescent Smogg by Lucy

‘Memories Forged’  Acrylic, ink, copper leaf on canvas. 101cm (Framed) 2015



Had a great time painting and exhibiting at the Fluorescent Smogg Project Space in Barcelona.

The installation was based around the very special edition made by Fluorscent Smogg, alongside my copper leafed Linocuts and booklets - thank you Denise for binding them all!

Thanks too for all the great press from JuxtapozWideWallsVNA...


(Photos by Filipp Shamshin)


Fluorescent Smogg is pleased to present a new limited edition and site-specific installation by British artist Lucy McLauchlan. ‘Where Were You Before Now’ looks at the relationship between apparent fragile states and the strength they embody beneath the surface. This duality is apparent throughout her practice when the murals fade or are painted away, the image has gone but the strength of the memory remains. 

Taking her natural environment as inspiration, McLauchlan continues themes first explored in her 2014 London solo exhibtion ‘Marking Shadows’. Tracing the contours and surface of the landscape, the artist allows environmental factors to both inspire and influence the way in which she works. McLauchlan’s practice often entertains long-lasting permanent materials, allowing for a certain immediacy and pace within her distinctive mark making. For this show the installation inside the gallery will see the walls painted using a combination of fragile, delicate materials that wouldn’t necessarily last the test of time outdoors. 

In addition to this installation Fluorescent Smogg is thrilled to release a new series of exclusive limited editions. These were largely inspired by an ancient Japanese architectural process of burning wood to strengthen it. The simple act of burning would appear to weaken the wood but in fact it does the opposite, providing strength and protection. Each of the finely crafted editioned pieces embody this duality of fragility and strength which is considered through the materials and processes employed. 

The limited edition of 20 is comprised of a sculpture, booklet and Linocut. The sculpture has been carved from a solid chunk of sustainably harvested Honduran Cedarwood, housing a piece of screen printed copper inlaid into the charred surface. The booklet captures abstracted and literal references of the process and collected markings that informs the sculpture and therefore the site specific installation. The Linocut also reflects the way these initial hand painted brush marks have been transferred into the carved wood. Each edition is hand finished and printed by the artist. 






E.D.P Portfolio by Lucy

Further along my exploration into the E.D.P series, we've collated the complete set of the seven woodcuts from the EDP Series II - Group IV.

Presented by Lazarides, bound beautifully in a cloth and wood portfolio, each with a woodcut as it's cover, 55 cm x 65 cm x 1.5 cm.  Each cover unique and each one signed.

'EDP Series II - Group IV 2013 (Orange)' 55 cm x 65 cm x 1.5 cm. 


The set of seven woodcuts on traditional Japanese Hozokawa paper inside each portfolio: Sun Burst, Pyramid Lost, Hour, Flow, Rising Sun, Mother and Up & Down.

Signed and numbered by the artist.

(Available via Lazarides)