'Ten Years of Hate' new show opening by Lucy

Next weekend opens the 10 year anniversary show of the infamous Fame Festival roster from StudioCromie...

Old and new works from Boris Hoppek, Lucy Mclauchlan, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Cyop & Kaf, Swoon, Slinkachu, Aec Interesni Kazki, Nug, Akay, Conor Harrington, El Tono, Dave Kinsey, Jaz and more

for more information about the show here: studiocromie@gmail.com


'EDP Series I - Group II (Revisited)' by Lucy

10 years ago I installed the site-specific work 'Expressive Deviant Phonology’ at the Soho gallery Lazarides.  This was my first solo show and was based around my childhood speech impediment (E.D.P). 
The work emerged as an experimental 'conversation' where during the course of one night I painted every available surface in response to the improvised music played by passing friends until the entire room was immersed in brush marks and sound. 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the gallery I have revisited this installation to create a new series of prints. Using the remaining pieces of painted wallpaper I have spontaneously collaged and screen-printed them together to create these new unique works

'EDP Series I - Group II (Revisited)'
Series of 30
70 cm x 50 cm
Collage on Somerset Satin 300gsm paper



TAC01 by Lucy

The Art Conference 2016

Thank you to TAC01 for inviting me to participate and to all those who listened to me ramble on,

it was an inspiring weekend.

“The Art Conference supported by IWSC, launched in London Bridge on July 23- 24 and welcomed leaders from the worlds of art, technology and culture.
Showcasing 18 international keynote speakers, panel discussions and Q&A’s, along with 10 art installations by artists Mr.Penfold, Dan Witz, Will Vibes, Jordan Seiler, Colin McMaster, Robert Montgomery, Tinsel Edwards, Jose Montemayor, Maser and Lauren Baker.”


(Thanks to Mark and Matt for convincing me)

Blackburn Open Walls by Lucy

(Thank you to Andy Faraday for the photo)

Last week I painted the side of the local community centre for 8-18 yr olds, the Blackburn Youth Zone as part of Blackburn Open Walls. In between the rain and the EU Referendum, 6 wonderful walls were painted around the city centre.

During my visit I saw how the Youth Zone was a hub of activity and one of the few places everyone got together with no segregation, no cliques. My wall was to be a reflection of this unity.

Phytology Workshops by Lucy


Since the installation of the sculptural pieces on the Phytology site earlier this month, the local schools have been involved with collecting - turning discarded objects into habitats for the local wildlife.

Encouraged by the  Non-Toxic Revolution over in California, we based our workshop around this idea of the conscious use and disposal of plastics and waste in general...the class made some truly beautiful pieces which shall be installed onsite sometime this month.



Grand Union Canal by Lucy

Piece alongside the Grand Union Canal in Birmingham, included in the City of Colours weekend.

Many thanks to Nick Cleaver from Canal and River Trust.