Surfing. So far removed from Birmingham. / by Lucy

Whilst in L.A I tried to see if I could cling onto a moving surfboard.

Thanks to the encouragement from the incredibly talented & fellow appreciator of circles and lines - Kelsey Brookes, I managed to not just cling but actually stand up.

Unfortunately before I had learnt which way was up I'd painted the wrong side of a board for a charity fundraising event.


Chandran Gallery, Juxtapoz Magazine, UNIV and WavesForWater have teamed up for art benefit to help with aid to the Philippines.

So far some beautiful boards have been created. Here's mine...both sides have now been side before I stood on water, the other side after I achieved something you could perhaps call surfing.



"We are just now beginning to see the dramatic aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and know that months and years of effort and support are needed to bring communities back to normal and have infrastructures rebuilt.

Waves For Water, were on the ground early in the effected areas of the Philippines, mobilizing an urgent clean water disaster relief initiative."


In order to continue efforts by Waves For Water's work in these areas, Chandran Gallery and Juxtapoz Magazine are working with UNIV

to curate andorganize a group of artists to create custom artwork on surfboards to be auctioned off at a later date in Winter 2014 to help raise money for the charity.