Joyful Bewilderment / by Lucy


'Catch The Sun Before The Eclipse' ink & acrylic on old biscuit tin lid, 20x20cm.

'Painting Eases The Pain' ink & acrylic on old biscuit tin, 20x20x10cm.


A host of like-minded artists who share that simple urge to create participated in 'Joyful Bewilderment'  exhibition at London's Rough Trade.  (Curated by Marcus Oakley, Simon Peplow, Holly Wales, Lawrence Roper & The Outcrowd Collective).

With a notion to "express what could be termed a 'hope-tinged anxiety'.  A subconscious social commentary on the uncertainty of the times we are all living in. Dipping into the past and championing seemingly long-forgotten notions such as thriftyness and delight in the ordinary everyday detritus of life to counteract the context of a world today brimming with unwanted junk..."