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Dulwich Outdoor Gallery




A while back I was commissioned by Michael Smythe to create an installation that would accommodate various wildlife in The Phytology site. This hidden urban garden already houses bats, birds, foxes…a medicinal garden, a visiting herbalists, artists in residence and possibly the only worthwhile billboard in the whole of London that reaches across the estate over to the distant glass towers of the City.

Their gates opened last week for the season and on Resonance FM a beautiful program by Lucia Scazzocchio documenting the site was aired,

Clear Spot 26/05/16:

“The Phytology Hour features interviews with and original sound artworks by Michael Smythe, Gabby Boraston, Lucy Cash, Lucy McLauchlan, Lucía Montero, David Nash, James Nixon, Duncan Robertson, Stick In The Wheel, Sam Wallman & Sarah Westcott. Launched in Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in 2014, Phytology is a Nomad Projects commission, part physic garden; part cultural institute; part urban wilderness; and a platform for collaboration across the arts, humanities and sciences. The programme was produced by Lucia Scazzocchio.”

(thank you to Andrew Wong for the photo)

For my installation Places to Dwell that May Never Have Been Seen’ 

I spent some time collecting discarded objects otherwise destined for land fill to create location-responsive installations situated throughout the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve woodland. These sculptural works were considered so they could work as habitats for the local wildlife. Be that upturned bottles, inside the skulls, beneath the totem pole and between the computer components.

 The installation will be open to the public from May 7th till September 3rd, 2016.




NEW screen-print


It’s been a while since I last made my own screen prints, however last week I released two new prints at the Marrakech Biennale.

They are currently on display at Place des Épices, Marrakech and are now available, email: lucy at beat13 co uk

Hand printed in Birmingham by Mission Print.

‘Warley Woods (female)’ 44 x 51.5 cm, 3 colour including (professionally hand matched metallic copper ink to real copper leaf)

On 100% recycled acid-free 300gsm paper. Edition of 30. 2016

‘Warley Woods (male)’  44 x 54 cm, 3 colour including (professionally hand matched metallic copper ink to real copper leaf)

On 100% recycled acid-free 300gsm paper. Edition of 30. 2016

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Marrakech Biennale


Last week the Marrakech Biennale 6th edition launched. Founded in 2004, this is the first year that ‘street art’ has formed an integral part of the programme.

Alongside 10 other artists (from Moscow, Italy, UK, France, Germany and Morocco) I was invited to join the MB6StreetArt exhibition at the ‘BAB Groupe’ just nestled inside the Medina. Together we spread around Marrakech to paint murals within the city. All locations are on this map created by Urban Presents.

Exhibition study works ‘Male’, ‘Reliant’, ‘Female (plural)’, ‘Female (singular)’  Ink, acrylic, copper leaf on birch. 30 x 38cm 2016

Many thanks also to Ahmed, Amine and Ibrahim who helped with everything from ladders to sun hats.

Massive thanks to MB6StreetArt: Vestalia, Gladys, Elena and Terence for making it happen.

Ian Cox and Vanessa Lefebvre for the photography.

And of course to Matthew Watkins for keeping that rickety ladder upright to stop me falling off the roof…

So here I am…I was painting opposite local artist Kalamour. Each day we clambered up two levels, over Hassan’s corrugated iron home where he kindly took care of our brushes and paint overnight, and onto the fragile rooftops that skirt the Place des Épices within the Souks. This was a delicate manoeuvre, trying not to fall through and…not to tred on one of the many decomposing corpses littering the area. Huge eagles, owls, chameleons, various unidentified bones and skulls lay scattered around, half wrapped in plastic or hidden in bins and bags. Turned out the proprietor below is a witch doctor and these remnants was essentially his ‘supplies’…

Up high in the Atlas Mountains we painted the literacy school set up by the Abury Foundation.

A very warm and hospitable community who fed us throughout the day…

And finally…I never do interviews…even though i was dubbed with French translation I still don’t think I’ll ever do it again. TV. Not for me.

Collection…on show now


Currently on show at the Lazarides Gallery for the group show ‘Still Here‘. Running until 24th March.

‘Female (singular)
Ink, acrylic, copper leaf on birch. Framed 110cm. 2016
‘Male (singular)’
 Ink, acrylic, copper leaf on birch. Framed 110cm. 2016

‘Female (plural)’
Ink, acrylic, copper leaf on birch. Framed 110cm. 2016

‘Male (dependant: 73 days)
Ink, acrylic, copper leaf on birch. Framed 110cm. 2016

‘Reliant (plural)
Ink and acrylic on birch. Framed 110cm. 2016

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Lazarides 10 year anniversary show


‘STILL HERE’ Group show | A Decade of Lazarides | Lazarides Rathbone

12 Feb 2016 – 24 Mar 2016

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The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art


 ’RareKind China’ graffiti and street art project between China and the UK, from 5 February – 3 April 2016.


‘Untitled’  Ink and acrylic on Chinese paper, 50 x 70 cm. Giclee print of this is available from the show.




Bonn, Germany


Group show opened up at the Bundeskuntshalle Museum,

‘BundeskunstHALL OF FAME’

20th Nov – 6th Dec

Rainforest Foundation UK, Charity Auction



“RFUKs ’12 Days of Christmas’ eBay auction will run from 12th – 23rd November and features celebrity-crafted Christmas cards, limited-edition artworks and luxury experiences – all proceeds going directly to projects which help to protect the future of the rainforests and the rights of indigenous and forest people.


The online auction features limited-edition pieces from renowned international artists such as Ben Allen, Saner and Patrick Hughes; hand-drawn and signed Christmas cards from comedians Stephen Fry, Michael Palin and Lenny Henry and much more. There are also fantastic experiences up for grabs, like a day at Sting and Trudie Styler’s countryside estate and a meal at Michelin-star chef, Marcus Wareing’s restaurant Tredwell’s.


For fashionistas, there will also be a range of unique, sold out or limited edition items, including a Paul’s Boutique handbag, an Alexandra Moura crystal dress, fashion items from our friends at ASOS and more.


For shoppers with a conscience, RFUK’s Christmas auction features gifts that really make a difference.  It’s a rare opportunity to purchase an item that will help to protect the home of rainforest communities and endangered wildlife.



The auction is open to everyone through an online pop-up shop on eBay, accessible via Auction lots will be released from 12th November, with sneak previews and new additions announced through social media.”

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